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We provide for rent and sale steel lap type flange forms. This form is our specialty and is made using hot rolled 14 gauge steel and variouse sizes of steel angles or flat bars for reinforcement. All of our lap pan forms include end caps and diaphragms when required. End caps should be installed at the end of each pan void with diaphragms being installed at 2 foot centers for all forms 16" deep or deeper. We can manufacture any size steel lap type flange form you may require. With our extensive inventory and long-time freight relationships, we offer very competitive pricing.

Standard Sizes:


  • Depths range from 24" to 8" deep and include: 24", 20", 18", 16", 14", 12", 10" and 8".

  • Lengths are 4', 3', 2' and 1'. We recommend a minimum lap of 2" on our forms when being installed.

  • Widths are 30", 53" and 66" with smaller widths of 20", 15" and 10" being used as filler pans for special conditions. 


Exterior Specifications:


  • All of our steel lap pans include steel reinforcement welded beneath for added strength.

  • Our standard pans have a 1" flange with a 90 degree bend and 3/16" mounting holes.

  • Every lap pan has 1:12 draft on each side for easy stripping.


Interior Specifications:


  • All of our steel lap pans are made from 14 gauge steel.

  • Our standard lap pans have a 1 1/2" radius for ease of stripping.

  • 14 gauge steel endcaps with 2" flanges are turned under the pan for added strength and easier stripping.


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