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Fiberglass Dome Forms


Our fiberglass dome forms are made using a variety of manufacturing methods including resin transfer molding, as well as chopped and hand-laid manufacturing techniques. Our multiple manufacturing capabilities allows for us to respond quickly to your fiberglass needs.

Exterior Specifications:

  • Most standard fiberglass forms come with a 1" radius.

  • We can custom manufacture any size radius.

  • A 1:8 draft allows for easier stripping.

  • The smooth, durable gelcoat finish provides a Class "A" finish.

  • Each form is equipped with a 1/4" blow hole tube which also helps ease stripping.

Interior Specifications:

  • The standard flange width is 3" but various sizes are available.

  • All fiberglass forms are thouroughly reinforced to prevent excessive deflection.

  • 3/16" pre-drilled mounting holes come standard.

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